About Us  Manship Chapel is an independent Bible believing church where the name of Jesus Christ is lifted up.  We strive to be faithful to the apostles' doctrine as described in Acts 2.  Many have been saved and discipled during our brief ministry.  

As we look to the future, we desire to be a beacon of light to a community and a world in darkness.  It is our desire to reach the lost for Christ and to provide a church where families can grow in the Lord.  Many of our special services such as retreats, revivals, fellowship dinners, youth sleepovers and gospel concerts create an attitude of worship and a sense of belonging to a family.  

Since God has promised to bless His Word, our teaching and preaching comes directly from the Word of God.  We have witnessed the salvation of the lost and the growth of the saints.  Our prayer together is that, as a church we will bring glory to God through our worship, fellowship, service, evangelism and discipleship.

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