by iPage Reviews

I. We will do our best to practice social distancing.

2. Masks regulations will be followed until we are seated; then it will be optional. Masks primarily keep us from spreading the virus to other people.

3. There will be no greeters to hand out bulletins.

4. Bulletins will be placed in the pews in places where social distancing is followed. Please to not remove a bulletin to sit in your favorite pew. This is designed for your protection.

5. Families are encouraged to sit together.

6. The CDC bas recommended people over 65 should sit together. For the most part we do that anyway. The reasoning is, if someone over 65 has Covid they will know it and not be a carrier.

7. Due to the low risk associated with youth; youth group meetings and junior church will be open.

8. There will be a box in the back of the church to place your offerings.

9. Hymnals can be used for singing. There is no credible data suggesting the virus is spread from surfaces.

10. Hugging and shaking hands is discouraged.

11. Fellowship before and after church should adhere to social distancing. No congregating in the aisle.

12. If you have any concerns of contracting the virus, our morning worship services will be online.